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Everything about our store

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Everything about our store

The begining

As true pioneers in 1993 we started our shop. The media rushed over us: an erotic store for women, that did not exist untill then!
Thank you all (former) employees and customers for the many special moments we shared. Thanks for your courage, dedication, openness, trust, inspiration, shared experiences and secrets, knowledge, tips and tricks for ultimate pampering and pleasure!
Of course we are very proud that with Female & Partners we have put down a new standard and gave a different meaning to the concept of erotic shop. Started as the first erotic store for women, we have contributed to the contemporary approach to eroticism. Our vision and ideal for the world of erotica to be available to women has become almost obsolete and sounds somewhat old-fashioned. It is today still hard to imagine that we have so recently as true pioneers began our shop.



Update: Shop closed October 2016 / Female & Partners Online Only

After almost 24 years I had to decide to let go of the store due to health reasons.

You are very welcome in our Online Store where I serve you with the same familiar good customer service as I used to do in the store.

I want to give a huge thank you to everybody who attributed to the store and to all our dedicated staff and customers who made it an experience to never forget.

Hope to welcome you back soon online!

With all my love,

Esther Suijker de Vries (owner)


Our vision inspired many women and brought a reversal in the hitherto male-oriented sex industry. The female customer is finally recognized! Global dingy sex shops disappear and are replaced by stores with a fresher interior. Poor quality or unsafe products from hard materials are increasingly being replaced by new designs in vibrator country. Full of style and quality, comfort and functionality and technology. Our "female-friendly" term is general goods now and our quality (e.g. no softeners in sex toys) gets worldwide attention thanks to our coöperation with Greenpeace and are already being used by manufacturers. Everything  we could only dream of in our starting days ... But with our long expertise, we continue to strive for the best range of sex toys and the most exciting lingerie sets and are pleased with the last poll voting us still the best sex shop for women.

Our Logo

Our logo! The heart is, after all, Source of Life and Love. The two shot locks symbolizes two partners meeting and eventually go on the road, melt together in the heart! With a wink at the @ symbol.

Yes, after so many years Female & Partners, we recognise that we are hopeless romantics who always have continued to believe in the power of love! We hope to inspire you with our love for life and the primary source of energy, our sexuality. Enjoy all the forms of sexuality in love and respect for each other!

Our Toys - Plasticizer Free

Enjoyment is our profession and we like to do it safely! We choose the highest quality materials for our toys! This is a high quality silicone. This material is non-porous.

Greenpeace has given a great deal of attention to the so-called plasticisers in sex toys on initiative of Female & Partners.

Plasticizers are very harmful for your health and are used in the so-called 'Jelly ' toys. Their smell is an often quite penetrant  plastic or chemical fragrance and they have a colorful/transparent appearance.

We're happy not to be the only one anymore to sell exclusively plasticizer free toys (but it remains to be careful, so whatever some claim: do trust your own nose!). More info can be found in the section “Tips Toys, Plasticizers”, click here

  Our Toys - Special Selection

For years we trudge through scaffolding suppliers and catalogs to find the perfect toy. All the toys in our range are to meet our requirements for high quality materials, functionality, vibration strength, and design.

Our special selection can be seen in the store. The vibrators and dildos are also displayed so you can feel the vibrations and material. So at least you know what you buy.

We have many years experience in women and ther orgasms, so do not feel embarrassed, we are happy to advise!

Kinky Outfits

We like a fancy dress party! You too? Are you looking for something for that special evening together or to that single kinky party?

We have a large choice in pvc, leather or latex. Bras, strings, corsets, shorts, mini skirts, long skirts, dresses and diva theme outfits in S to XXL. For the men we have gladiator skirts and fetish shirts.

Leather: Bizonder by Bianca
Latex: Lovely Latex
PVC: Tykaboom and Patrice Catanzaro


New Products

Jessy Dress Lycra Noir Handmade

New: Jessy Dress Lycra Available in S to XXL.(Click here for size…

  € 63,95

Various sizes More info

Jessy Dress Lycra Noir Handmade

New: Jessy Dress Lycra Available in S to XXL.(Click here for size…

  € 62,95

Various sizes More info

Jessy Dress Lycra Noir Handmade

New: Jessy Dress Lycra Available in S to XXL.(Click here for size…

  € 49,50

Various sizes More info