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Tips on Vibrators

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Tips on Vibrators

Vibrators vibrate, the word says it all. To our joy they come in all shapes, sizes and colors! Of course, a vibrator is not beatific and not every woman loves the vibrations but ... We recommend everyone to give it a try! The vibrations can give you a delicious orgasm! Especially for women who have difficulty reaching orgasm may it may just give that one push that is needed to get your orgasm ... Most models are adjustable in speed or even with variable rhythms for an agonizing or intense pleasure.

If you've never used a vibrator then select always for one offering a wide variety of vibration modes. So you can experiment which intensity best suits you. It would be a pity if you are experiencing it as too intense or that you think it's could have been something stronger. Rely on the experiences you have with yourself, which are always personal and do not have to be the same as those of a friend or neighbor. So it may be that the vibrator offered by us is described as a popular model, is not the right one for you. Carefully consider what you want with a vibrator. You may ask: alone or together, external stimulation, penetration, what size do you like, are you very sensitive or do you like a more intense stimulation, have you struggled with reaching an orgasm? Of course you can use a vibrator solo. For the singles among us, our motto stil isl: ' better a good vibrator than a bad one night stand! ' For couples It can be a fun addition or variation in their sex life. Use it while you take your partner... a nice small one for in between for additional clitoral stimulation? Use a larger one while your partner is watching or have him or her operate it and fully surrender to your pleasure? Or maybe another one for anal stimulation?

Oh yes! And NO, dear men, a vibrator can never replace your delicious warm flesh! Look at ease at the different categories. We have classified them for your convenience but use your creativity and your imagination when making your choice! A lubricant can be quite nice while using a vibrator. It makes everything much smoother and therefore more sensitive. Please note with the choice of lubricant that with silicone vibrators never a silicone-based lubricant is used but always a water-based lubricant.