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Tarzan Tips

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Tarzan Tips

Tarzan is the popular name for all so-called double,duo or twin vibrators. Tarzan is one of the first in this series. All double vibrators work on the same principle: that many women like to have something inside and at the same time haveto their clitoris stimulated. For these ladies we have good news: These Tarzans do all it at once! The longer section you can insert  and the extended small part is placed against your sensitive spot ... and enjoy! Both parts are adjustable in vibration/rotating speed independent of each other. The insertion part can rotate harder or softer so that all your sensitive spots can be massaged. (Tip: you can bend this section very carefully so that the rotation is larger or smaller. Don't do this too often otherwise you will break the metal inside! ) For the small vibrating part you can increase or decrease the vibration level. At the latest models you can even choose from a variety of teasing or intense rhythms ... a whole new experience! With this Tarzan you're obviously not limited in options. Are you not in the mood to insert it, turn it around and enjoy only of the small vibrating part ... favorite with many women!