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Tips on G-Spot

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Tips on G-Spot

And where is the famous G-Spot? Go to yourself with a curved finger inwards so that the inside of your finger is in the direction of your belly. 2 a 3 cm from the entrance you can feel a bulge, the size of a euro, which is what feels spongy. If you're excited, than you feel this spot the easiest! This is the G-Spot that causes some women to cum squirting! For many women, however, it is something they will never experience ...And what for one woman is almost necessary a canvas to lay in bed and the other ...? For orgasm is a sense of urination defined, this is a feeling that many women experience after the sex ... had they just to continue a little bit longer? We know many women who tried and where one succeeds and the other does not.

Our conclusion is that if you experience it as pleasant when there is something inserted to you, the G-Spot is actually already at work! Enjoy your own body with its own capabilities ... and maybe you still de surprised! The special G-Spot vibrators can help you. They are all designed to have a curvature or thickening at the top. This makes it easier to reach the G-Spot. Also can the vibrations of these vibrators can give that extra push. ..! Many women find the round forms of the G-Spot models also the perfect model for stimulating their clitoris!