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Tips about batteries

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Tips about batteries

Normal or rechargeable batteries in your vibrator?
Many vibrators still run on batteries, today everyone knows that rechargeable batteries are much better for the environment. After a long period of use and recharge, the battery become less powerful, that's why most women who prefer that extra bit of power choose normal batteries.

Prevent battery leakage
It is always advisable to keep the batteries out of your toys after each use to prevent leakage which can damage them. Also, storing your toys in a drawer without removing the batteries does not guarantee that your toys remain off. What bad luck if you want to use your toys and their batteries are empty.

Make sure the batteries are properly placed in your toys!
Everybody knows it the – at the – side, the + at the + side. On the battery it is always shown an also in the battery holder of your toy.
Once in a while a customer returns to our store with a so-called damaged toys while the problem is that the batteries are not well placed …

Protect the environment!
You can hand over your used batteries in our store or deliver it at your local collection point.