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Tips about lubricants

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Tips about lubricants

The benefits of lubricantion during sex
The vagina is naturally lubricated, however, various factors may prevent proper lubrication.
Moreover, if the lubricant is present it may be insufficient. This can cause pain and / or the vagina
or the anus can be injured.
Is nice to use a lubricant during sex. The use of a lubricant increases your feelings. We believe that
the use of a lubricant is essential in each act of intercourse.
For different purposes, we have different types of lubricants.

Choose the right lubricant
First, the basic material of your toys determines the lubricant to be used.

Silicone sex toys: Use a water-based lubricant
All the toys we sell are made of high quality silicone. The safest material that exists in the market.
But when using a silicone based lubricant to lubricate a silicone toy, the material will be porous, the
toy will be damaged or it will be very difficult to wash. Always use a water-based lubricant with
silicone toys.

Sex toys made of hard plastic or a body-to-body massage: silicone based lubricant

You have chosen a hard plastic toy or glass, then you have all the choice of lubricant. You can
choose a lubricant or even a silicone body glide. This gives a very pleasant feeling. Incredibly soft!
For the intimate massage we advice you to be generous with the quantity of the lubricant and enjoy
a body to body massage. Pamper your partner or do a penis massage with this lubricant smoothly
and sensational. Success is assured .....

Lubricant for anal sex
The lubricant is essential for anal sex. The anus is not naturally lubricated, the tissue of the anus is
sensitive and vulnerable. This fabric can be hurt. Then use a good amount of lubricant, massage
for example the area around the anus with lubricant that provides a relaxing and unlocks this area,
and the penetration will be easier.
Lubricants for anal sex are very smooth and extended operation, you can also use your favorite
lubricant as a supplement.

Flavored lubricant
Do you like the taste? Then try the different flavors in our range. No chemicals but natural and
delicious aroma during blowjobs.

Stimulants Lubricants
There are also lubricants with supplements, they stimulate and titillate, it is an experience not to be
missed …