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All about Plasticizers

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All about PlasticizersAll about PlasticizersAll about Plasticizers

All about Plasticizers

Fun and safe enjoyment

We are proud to be the first erotic shop, which sells, for many years, only sex toys of save materials. Our toys are exclusively from reliable brands that, like us, stands for 100% quality. With our list of requirements we also choose selectively from other collections. If we have any doubt about the materials of a toy, how nice it may be, it is not welcome in our collection.

Why no plasticizers in sex toys?

A plasticizer is a chemical added to hard plastic, PVC, to make it soft and flexible. These toys are often called "Jelly" toys. Plasticizers are banned in children’s toys for years because they are harmful, if chewed on then the plasticizers will be absorbed by the mucous membrane. Our logical argument: "And what happens if there are intensive friction by our intimate tissues with these materials?" (which much faster absorbs substances ...) Right! Hazardous to your health so! Kidney problems, cancer ... Plasticizers can even ensure that your unborn son developed a significantly smaller penis ... you do not want that!

How to recognize plasticizers?

Plasticizers are to be recognize by the pungent smell of plastic, if you smell it, you know what we mean. Do you still have any toys made of this Jelly material, throw them away or at least use it with a condom around. Unfortunately, we must warn against buying toys with other mail order or retail stores, unfortunately, not everyone is aware of the health risks, or they sell them still in pursuit of profit. The toys of this material are often cheaper and they have a nice look and irresistible colors. In this case, inexpensive and up to be expensive because you will pay with your health.

Absolutely unsafe:

• All toys made of Jelly (material is often mentioned on the packaging).
• Jelly toys can be recognized by their colors, transparent appearance and suppleness, but always trust your nose!!!
• If they have a very pungent smell of plastic (often hidden with lots of flavor) do not trust it!
• All soft and flexible PVC toys contain plasticizers.

Be careful with:

• On the packaging (of mostly Asian producers) mentioned "siliconen" or in English "silicone". you cannot depend on this! Often it contains a small part of silicone mixed with plasticizers !!! Only if on the packaging it says 100% medical grade silicone, then you have a good product!
• There may also be on the packaging: phthalate free, (phthalate are plasticizers) In our experience sometimes they are made of an (unknown) type plasticizer .... (again, trust your nose ..)
• Cheap products. A product with plasticizers is much cheaper to produce than a product made of a safe material.


If you don’t trust your toys but you don’t want to throw it away, then use a
condom around it.

The materials we sell and whose safety is guaranteed are:

• All toys made of 100% medical grade silicone
• ABS (hard plastic)
• Intra Med (flexible)
• Medical Polypropylene (hard)
• Elastomer (solid)
• PVC (hard plastic, in its pure form without any additives to make it soft.)
• TPR (flexible)
• TPE (flexible)
• Latex

Female & Partners at the barricades

Female & Partners stands for many years at the barricades for safe toys. On the initiative of Female & Partners, Greenpeace has also generated a lot of attention to the fact that plasticizers are used in our sex toys. In all the media around the world reports emerged that warn of the risks. We are of course proud to have put this subject under discussion, but the fight is not over yet until governments are convinced to ban these chemicals. Fortunately, many of our colleges and distributors have followed our initiative.


• For consumers, the easiest way is to trust on trusted manufacturers and brands. They guarantee products that are made of safe materials. For more information look at our brand page or contact us.
• Unfortunately, we do not dare to say that all our colleagues sex shops and online stores have the same policy although they claim to sell safe products but there are all too often sex toys in their range containing plasticizers (well, those profit margins are too tempting apparently).
• Few are as idealistic like us ... (the toys we offer, besides the good brands, are carefully selected from the large amount of junk offered on the market).


That leaves only one thing ...
Have fun with your carefully selected toy!
We rather enjoy safe! You too?